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Beer Draught Kegs

Beer Draught Kegs

beer draught keg rentals

To summarize a beer draught keg a specialized container for storing and dispensing beer. Beer draught kegs typically constructed out of stainless steel and are pressurized with CO2 or Nitrogen. Hence these kegs take a large volume of beer to be contained and quickly and easily served. Such as in a bar or restaurant. Notably great for parties, events and festivals. Beer draught kegs also commonly used for private and commercial events, allowing for a large amount of beer to be served in a short amount of time. Because we acknowledge the demand for them in this regard, we provide keg rentals service. Providing keg rentals of our craft beer, craft spirits and commercial kegs.

Ketelkraal Craft Beer Kegs.

Because our Craft Beer Kegs Rentals are really one of a kind and frankly out of this world tasty! We have an incredible range of Ketelkraal Craft Beer Kegs. As well as rentals on Craft Spirit Kegs and also Dispensing Systems. Our Craft Beer Kegs is undoubtedly the best to have around for your special occasions. Such as birthday parties and events, weddings, functions and all the others you could think of. Easy to order, easy to use which we will also show you how to do too. Notably our craft kegs are also incredibly affordable. We want you our clients have top quality craft beer to make those special occasions memorable.

Because we know what we are doing!

Renting our craft kegs.

As follows you should order our craft beer kegs online or  you can contact our sales team directly for a quote. Take note with our keg rentals a refundable deposit is required, you will receive this back on the return of our empty keg.  It must be returned in the same condition you received it in. Cash refundable deposits are preferred but not the only option.

Ketelkraal Craft Spirit Kegs

Amazing Ketelkraal Craft Beer Kegs to rent! Keep in mind with kegs there are also dispensing systems . We know this that is why we do rentals on them too!

On Tap Dispensing Units are your BEST OPTION for that impromptu portable party!  Whether you have a planned or spontaneous event these units are great value for money and so easy to “lug” around.  No electricity required just add ice and Voila!

Because We know how you LOVE to party and have fun. Ketelkraal has got you!

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