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Collaboration Events & Fests

Collaboration Events & Fests

Collaboration Events & Fests

Collaboration in events and fests is the name of the game for Ketelkraal!

Because together we create brilliant events and fests. Firstly we have an expert team that can work with you on anything you are needing or planning for these significantly splendid occasions. Above all assisting you to simply create the most memorable experience that can live on year for year and grow in renown and stature.

Furthermore resulting in our gigs being a mainstay for those of us that are in hospitality and entertainment.  Consequently South African’s enjoy a great getaway weekend of social and all sorts of other significant activity. In particular sharing and enjoying superb craft beers and spirits and a meal. 

Indeed we are really the best at what we do.  Our services fame precedes us.

Craft SpiritsKetelkraal Craft Beer

bar rental and drinks. Bar Rental.

  • Our Booze on the Move On Tap Kombi – offering a full range of craft distilled spirits and craft brewed beers that are on offer as well as any commercial drinks patrons may want.  Guaranteeing our craft wares are always top notch and unbelievably popular at any gathering.  The Kombi is a real crowd pleaser and often a talking point where new friends are invariably made.
  • Lovely Craft Beer and Craft Spirits from morning till late from Skroewedraaier (OJ & Vodka), Rum & Roes, Brandy and Coke, Star Ruby Gin to Our special Ales and Beers.
  • Looking to create an Authentic German Beer Fest Garden – you are at the right place!  Ketelkraal has Authentic Beer Fest Tables and Benches and Umbrellas & gazebos, enabling us to set up a beer garden in a jiffy.
  • Stretch Tents Galore – we can offer Stretch Tents to size – we have done a stretch tent set up for 850 and more people at previous events but also offer gazebo’s, pergola’s, closed tents in case of rain and 3m x 3m units for those small and intimate occasions.  Whether your event is on grass or cement we have just the right solution for you.


  • Hosting a HUGE fest or event and need several bars located across the site?  Ketelkraal has the perfect solution for you – our beautiful Mobile Bars can be set up at any spot at the venue with Dispensing Units for On Tap Craft Beers and Spirits and extra-large tubs for mixes and branded sparkling and still water.
  • Need additional fridges and ice for your fest  or event? Ketelkraal has fridges and an a very large ice trailer as a solution for a problem that often occurs mid event/fest.  With us there will ALWAYS BE ENOUGH ICE to go around.


Are never quite the same once Ketelkraal has provided On Tap Craft Beers and Spirits in our awesome On Tap Trailer.  Always a winner this asset to any big event allows us to set up numerous Taps for both Beer Craft Spirits and Beer as a one stop On Tap watering hole.

And we have barely scratched the surface!

Looking for a stage, sound, lighting and the professionals to give that brilliant touch to the line-up of artists performing?  Ketelkraal, has you covered on that too. No stage or rig too big or small.  Leave it to the professionals and enjoy your event while we take care of business.


Ketelkraal has an array of highly talented artists on our books that we can suggest ensuring the very best in musical entertainment for that essential finishing touch.  We have worked with these reputable, reliable artists and can vouch for a crowd on their feet effect by setting up a line-up of entertainers that are local and oh so very lekka!

Lastly we have a full and complete catering and event set up from chaffer dishes, glasses, crockery, cutlery, cocktail tables and chairs with covers, trestle tables, plush event furniture as well as event and festival co-ordinators. Let’s take the strain out of the gathering.  Whatever you can think of to take the event up a notch.  We got you covered.


Collab Events and Festivals working together.  Making incredible experiences is what Ketelkraal does.  Collaboration = growth for all. Let’s work together! Creating sustainable and repeat mind blowing experiences.  Ensuring guests returning year after year.


Check out our gallery on the Ketelkraal Website. Leading you to see our set up and expertise.  Dreaming it? We do it.

Great events don’t just happen – we just happen to make great events!

Because we absolutely know what we are doing!

Contact because we need to get this PHENOMENON rolling.



To summarize Ketelkraal offers a fantastic service of providing you with all your event rental needs. Notably, simply famous memorable events! All in all for celebrations of all sizes. Subsequently design a unique, epic experience with us. Because Ketelkraal understands the importance of being on point and creating something that will not be forgotten. We have got your back! You will not regret it!

Because with us your party or event will be remembered. Because we know what we are doing!

EVENT RENTALS / PARTY RENTALS include items such as the following.

  • Colab Events
  • Food & Catering
  • Drinks & Bar
  • Entertainment
  • Stage
  • Tables & chairs
  • Tents, Umbrellas & Shade
  • Toilets
  • Generators
  • Ticket System
  • Bar Counters
  • ICE
  • VIP Tent
  • Fridges
  • Liquor License
  • Accommodation for Guest

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