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Organic Honey

Organic Honey – Raw Untreated

To summarize briefly raw, untreated organic honey will not be processed or filtered in any way. Significantly this meaning it should not be heated or treated with chemicals. Furthermore typically a higher content of pollen, enzymes, and other beneficial components. Therefore here at Ketelkraal we provide top quality raw untreated organic honey. Because we know of how important it’s role plays.

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Organic Honey used in distilling.

Above all it will be used in the production of mead. A fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey, water, and yeast. Therefore also used to make a variety of flavored liqueurs and spirits. As well as vodka, gin, and whiskey.

Uses for honey in distilling. Ketelkraal here to save the day!

1. Firstly, to flavor and boost the aroma of the spirits.

2. Secondly, to add sweetness to the flavor of the finished product.

3. Thirdly, providing a richer feel and to the spirit.

4. As well as adding clearness to the spirit, thus giving a better appearance.

5. A natural preserver, giving a longer shelf life for the distilled spirit.

6. A natural sweetener in cocktails and other mixed drinks.

raw untreated honey

Some other uses for this product not only distilling. Because we can!

1. Helps reduce symptoms from allergies.

2. Apply raw honey to wounds this will speed up healing.

3. Untreated Raw honey helps a sore throat and coughing.

4. Helps to balance the bacteria in the digestive tract and will ease symptoms of digestive issues.

5. Will reduce swelling and inflammation.

6. A great natural source of energy that helps fuel your day.

However in brief honey will be used to make a variety of liqueurs and spirits.

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However after all not the only product that provides flavor to your distilled beauties! Given these points we offer an incredible range of essence flavoring that will blow your mind! Whether for a brandy, whiskey or even for those who like the fruity, nutty side. We provide it all.

To summarize prepared from essential oils, such as almond and lemon, from vanilla, from fresh fruits by expression, from ginger by extraction, from mixtures of essential oils just for you. Ultimately because you buy top quality products from us you will create a drink that will get chins wagging far and wide!

In conclusion your essence will subdue your distillate’s potent taste giving you a smooth and brisk taste. As been noted remember to add your essence of choice after distillation completion. Over all in doing so you will be avoiding reducing the alcohol content. All in all you will produce the BEST flavored hooch!

Because as seen above adding our Essences & Flavoring providing you to instantly imbue fantastic flavor to your home distilled neutral spirits. In fact browse our range and you will be on your way to making your best moonshine ever!

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organic honey - raw untreated