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Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh

In short Copper mesh is to fit inside your reflux still.

Primarily designed for reflux distilling to make a cleaner purer smell free product. Using a stainless steel column and have trouble with off smells and tastes, then this is a must for you. Producing the almost perfect smell free taste free distillate.

To summarize copper mesh is a type of metal mesh made from copper wire. Often used in distilling, as its properties make it well suited for the job. Notably copper mesh is corrosion-resistant, has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and is relatively strong. Also forming tight meshes that are capable of filtering out impurities from liquids. For these reasons, an ideal material for use in distilling. It will help to quickly heat and separate the liquid from any solids, allowing for a clean and pure distillate.


Steps to using copper mesh when distilling.

1. Cut the copper mesh to the size and shape desired for your distillation set-up.

2. Attach the copper mesh to the bottom of the boiling pot or kettle using wire or string.

3. Make sure the copper mesh is securely fastened and that it has no gaps.

4. Place the boiling pot or kettle on a heat source and heat the liquid until it boils.

5. Collect the vaporized liquid in the copper mesh.

6. Allow the vaporized liquid to cool and condense into the flask or collecting vessel.

7. Discard the solid residue from the copper mesh and store the finished distilled liquid.


reflux still

You can make your own top-notch spirits with your beautiful Stainless Steel Reflux Column Still.

Through experience you will find that unlike Pot Stills, the Reflux Column Still makes multiple distillations in one run.  You may be interested to know that inside the still is a fractioning column that allows the reflux of liquid to help condense the rising vapor and increase the efficiency of distilling.  Because of this the purity of the distillate is exceptional. The taller the column and the more reflux liquid, the more neutral the alcohol will be as a result.

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