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Calamus Root Botanical

Calamus Root Botanical

Calamus Root Botanical

Calamus Root Botanical for distilling.

A common ingredient used as an additive for distilling. Primarily in the production of whiskey. Also commonly used to impart a woody, spicy flavor to liqueurs and cordials. Notably the root is used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries. Now used in modern distilling for its flavor as well as its medicinal properties. Depending on the origin and quality of the calamus root, it can impart a bitter, licorice, or slightly sweet flavor to spirits.


Using Calamus Root Botanical for distilling.

To use calamus root as a distillation agent. Firstly, you need to grind it into a fine powder. Done with a mortar and pestle, food processor, or coffee grinder. Once in powder form,  add directly into the distillate or macerated in an alcohol solution. Also steep it in hot water and add this to the distillate. To macerate, soak the root powder in a solution of water and grain alcohol for a period of several days before distillation.

The amount of calamus root you use will largely depend on the flavor and aroma you want in your distilled product. Generally, a smaller amount will provide more subtle notes, while larger amounts will provide a more intense flavor.

Once you’ve added the calamus root powder, you can then begin the actual distillation process. Start by heating the solution to below the boiling point of the alcohol. Then, use a hydrometer to measure the alcohol content of the distillate. Once the correct alcohol content has been achieved, you can then begin collecting the distillate in a vessel.

Finally, you can add any additional flavorings to the distillate, such as spices or herbs. These can be added before or after the distillation process, depending on your preference.

Calamus root is an effective and flavorful distillation agent that can add unique and complex aromas and flavors to your spirits and liqueurs. Experiment with different amounts and processes to find the flavor combinations that you enjoy the most.

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