On Tap Dispensing Units and at home beer dispensers are your ABSOLUTE best beer keg tap option for that impromptu portable party perfect for those beer kegs which are also available right here!  Whether you planned a spontaneous event these tap units are great value for money and so easy to “lug” around.  No electricity required just add ice and Voila!

Get your on tap system for those beer kegs today! Because at Ketelkraal we know what we are talking about! You are undoubtedly in good hands! Because at Ketelkraal we only provide the best!

Because we know know how you LOVE to party and have fun.  Don’t worry Ketelkraal has got you with the Best draught Beer Dispensers!

Check out our amazing range of Craft Beers and Spirits and don’t forget to look at our full Commercial range available on our Liquor Shop Tab.  This barrel unit is great match.

Assuming you’d like this titbit:  Ketelkraal has 2 award winning beers as bragging rights!

Because South African’s are big beer drinkers Ketelkraal Craft Beer On Tap available to you are:

And because you love your crafts spirits Ketelkraal Crafts Spirits available to you are:

Knowing our clients, friends and family are discerning when it comes to their drinks and leisure activities causes us to go the extra mile with you in mind.  Because we know that you know that we know our booze.  Causing a domino effect that ends up in your glass – premium quality every time. Then this Unit is right up your alley.

Best Draught Beer Dispenser

The best draught beer dispenser option to pick up and go.  Simply book the unit of your preference, we will prepare it, pitch to collect and PARTY ON.

All Units require a R1000.00 refundable deposit to be booked for your gig.  Delivering your On Tap System back to us in good nick will be important to you since we know you will be back.  Creating special memories just for you is what we have in mind.  Because great parties don’t happen, we just happen to make great parties possible.  Believe it!  Getting your  On Tap Dispensing Unit will have you hallowed by friends and family until, well, you throw the next shindig.

Ketelkraal, yeah – keep the good stuff drippin’…

On Tap (non-electric) Dispensing Units – keeping it cool and simple.

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Best draught beer dispenser

Best draught beer dispenser!

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