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Essence For aromatic, full bodied and delicious taste bud tantalizers because you are worth it!

Ketelkraal Essence & Flavorants come in 50ml or 500ml volumes giving you enhanced flavor and aroma since we know that’s what you want. Anything you distill will taste great! Do not forget our fantastic botanicals.

Prepared from essential oils, such as almond and lemon, from vanilla, from fresh fruits by expression, from ginger by extraction, from mixtures of essential oils just for you. Because you buy top quality products from us you will have a chance to create a drink that will have chins wagging far and wide!

Our liquid extracts, essences, and flavors are added to spirits to enhance their taste and aroma resulting in your distilling success.

Make your own SIGNATURE drink! By simply pouring the contents of the essence bottle into your spirits after distillation causes you a taste rapture. Because you need a starting point we suggest 10ml per liter as a good place to begin. Remember this is your palate. You can tweak according to your preferences resulting in a beverage that will tickle you pink. So, you will get approximately 5L from 50ml of essence or flavor.


Your essence will subdue your distillate’s potent taste giving you a smooth and brisk taste. Just remember to add your essence of choice after distillation is complete. In doing so you’re avoiding reducing the alcohol content. You’re going to have the BEST flavored hooch!

Add our Essences & Flavorants causing you to instantly imbue fantastic flavor to your home distilled neutral spirits. Browse our range and you will be well on your way to making your best moonshine ever!

Keep an eye on this category. Much more to come resulting in a greater selection just for you! So…

You can mix the spirit essence & flavorant with your neutral spirit giving you absolutely superb results. Because of the top quality this will result in enhancing what would previously be a boring and unimpressive flavor. Your end product will stand among the best of them. Claiming bragging rights – now that’s up to you.


Along with essence giving flavor to your distilling, it has been noted that botanicals are another essential to outstanding flavor. Because Botanicals for Gin/Rum/Liqueurs can be hard to find from time to time. Make sure that when you buy, The product is fresh and dry.


Please Note: Our essences and flavorants, are in no way connected to, or associated with any individual liquor brand, distiller, or region.

We welcome you to the Ketelkraal family. First a client, become a friend and then making you part of our family.

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Keep the good stuff drippin’… because we know that you know you got this!

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