Because we have so many things that are out of our control, it will be impossible to commit ourselves to an exact date for your product/s to be delivered or ready for your collection. Things we do not have control over is: when our suppliers provide material we purchased, Couriers delivery time, Load Shedding, Cable theft, and if our staff fall sick.

In other words, we can give you an estimate on how long a project might take, but we will and cannot commit to such date because of the things above we don’t have control over.

On all manufactured products, we make there will be a cancellation fee of 50% applicable. We do not carry stock on raw materials as we had too many thefts in the past. We order twice a week parts and materials from our suppliers base on the orders we received. In other words, if you place an order with us, we order and pay for your material with our suppliers.

Custom made items cannot be refunded at all as this is not part of our SKU items.

Any other SKU items will carry no fee when cancelled, and we will refund in full except if we had to buy it out from somewhere else. In such a case, there will be a 20% cancellation fee.

We will try our utmost best to deliver your product as soon as possible, but please don’t put pressure on us as this will not help to deliver your product any faster.