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Make your own vodka / brandy / gin / whiskey. We changed the way we train our new friends when it comes to Distilling, Brewing, and Fermenting. After a couple of training sessions with our customers (new friends). We realized that the information is too much for such a short period of time. This was the case with our 6 days, 2 days, and 1-day course. We found that our customers were struggling to get going after the session. Another reason we changed our method was that it was difficult to screen our customers based on knowledge and experience.

Make your own vodka / brandy / gin / rum/whiskey/beer:

In class, our more experienced friends will ask questions that will overwhelm our friends that does not have that knowledge and experience yet. Also vice versa. The questions our novice friends asked, annoyed our more experienced friends.  We believe that the course did not build your confidence enough to start making great products. Also, the cost involved was heavy on the pocket, our friends had to travel, and stay at a guesthouse or hotel. Nowadays this is a costly exercise, and we aim to get you to make stunning booze, without unnecessary expenses.

The way we do it now works very well, and we have seen massive success with our friends making the most stunning products.


Make your own vodka / brandy / gin / rum/whiskey/beer:

This will be way more fun for you because you will come to our session with good knowledge and ask the right questions.

We also do one on one sessions should you like to do it this way.

We do these sessions in English and Afrikaans.

Hope to see you soon, and taste the next award-winning Drink.

Cheers, Gesondheid, Skal, Prost.



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Your course includes a legendary Kraal Lunch and two drinks vouchers.  A cash bar is available ‘cos we know how things roll after we are done!

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Feel free to pop into our store and have a look around. We stock a large range of products for brewing/distilling that can make your brewing/distilling process smoother and add a mountain of flavor to your end result. make your own brandy and make your own whiskey and make your own vodka.