Liquor License

Liquor Licenses are divided into two distinct categories. On Consumption; Liquor sold may only be consumed on the premises and may not be removed from the premises and Off Consumption; Liquor sold may not be consumed on the premises.
Eventually each Province will have its own Provincial Liquor Act. And the requirements and types of licenses may differ from province to province.

Together with our consultants and experts, we have more than 45 years of experience and have registered and renewed more than 2200 customers in the past and still counting.

Why choose us?

Because we take care of all the confusion and dead ends. And what sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we stay on top of our game. We make sure that follow up is the name of the game. If you choose the wrong company to take care of your license,  you might find yourself waiting for way longer than you supposed to. Most of our customers who jump ship from other companies do it for this reason. And most of these cases we realise it was due to incompetence from both parties. We will make sure that files won’t get stranded on desks and gather dust.

KetelKraal specialises in all types of liquor licenses and renewals throughout all provinces in South Africa.

Some Licenses our Liquor Consultant Expert handled in the past with success.

Google Head Office, Microsoft Function, Old Mutual Function, Northcliff Hotel, O Galitos Centurion, Discovery  Vitality Function, Grain and Able beer house, Bosvelder, Irene Golf Club, and many more.

If you require a  license, please get in touch and we will give you the best advice you can get. You can send us a mail  here.

Liquor License

We are truly looking care of taking care of your license.

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