The Spirit of the Caribbean: A Cultural and Historical Odyssey

Rum: The Spirit of the Caribbean

Rum, a spirit distilled from sugarcane molasses or juice, develops its smooth flavor through aging in oak barrels. People in the Caribbean love rum and often mix it with fruit juices to create refreshing cocktails.

Rum comes in various types, each with its distinct flavor profile. For instance:

  • Light rum: The most common type of rum, which has a light-bodied and sweet taste, people frequently use it in cocktails such as the mojito and daiquiri. However, dark rum is also popular for cocktails like the rum old fashioned and dark and stormy.
  • Dark rum: This type of rum, distinguished by its darker color and more complex flavor, undergoes a longer aging process. People often use it in cooking and enjoy it in cocktails. Additionally, it is a popular choice for sipping neat or on the rocks.
  • Spiced rum: As the name suggests, this type of rum is infused with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. People commonly enjoy it neat or on the rocks and also use it in cocktails such as the captain and coke and the spiced rum punch.

Throughout the year, we offer various rum specials, including the following:

  • Rum Tasting: This experience allows you to explore a variety of different rums. We offer a range of rum tastings, each with its unique theme, such as Caribbean rum tasting, Cuban rum tasting, and Jamaican rum tasting.
  • Rum Flight: This is an opportunity to sample a selection of different rum types. We have various rum flights available, including the light rum flight, dark rum flight, and spiced rum flight.
  • Rum and Food Pairing: This experience allows you to savor the flavors of rum in a new and exciting way. We offer different rum and food pairings, each with carefully selected rums and complementary foods. For example, we have rum and chocolate pairing, rum and cheese pairing, and rum and fruit pairing.

We have a wide selection of rum for sale, including light rum, dark rum, and spiced rum. Our collection includes rums from various regions around the world, so you can find a rum that suits your taste.

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Additional facts about rum:

  • Rum is the national drink of many Caribbean countries, including Barbados, Cuba, and Jamaica.
  • The Caribbean established the first rum distillery in 1650.
  • Initially, rum was used as medicine, but it has come a long way to become a beloved spirit.
  • People used rum as a form of currency during the American Revolution.
  • Today, rum is a popular ingredient in cocktails, such as the mojito, daiquiri, and pina colada.

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The Spirit of the Caribbean
The Spirit of the Caribbean