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Making your own craft

Craft your own

Why does craft beer and craft gin seem like all the craze at the moment? Why does it seem like people that are making goods in small batches. Without massive infrastructure and resources are the ones that are driving the economy and are happier doing what they love instead of the usual 9 to 5 grind. Seems like the obvious choice?

Making your own craft is not as easy as it sounds.

This article will give you an outline to make your own distillery and brewery for home use, and steer you in the direction needed to monetise your passion and hobby.

Because first off all, you need to know the basics of fermenting and brewing before you jump into the world of craft distilling. Its fairly simple and inexpensive to get started. Grab a fermenting kit from ketelKraal HERE. and  start out making some cider. Its literally a matter of buying organic apple juice. Decanting it onto the fermenting bucket. and Adding yeast, and waiting until the fermentation process has ended. Strain it if needed, bottle it and enjoy.

Because Brewing beer gets a bit more complex. It involves boiling grains, malt and hops, letting it cool, adding yeast and then fermenting, we have make a few easy recipes to follow.

You can find some really great recipes for all sorts of brewing and fermenting for Making your own craft HERE.

Because here is a fantastic way to simplify the beer making process. Head over to and grab yourself a beer mash tun HERE.  Oh boy, what a pleasure it is working with one of these.

To create whisky, essentially, you take wort (boiled mixture) you made for beer, distill it (maybe even twice) an you have created whisky!
To create brandy, you distill the cider you made with apple juice or distill wine to make a traditional brandy.
There are more technicalities to it, but that’s the gist of it.
If you would like more info on the topic on fermenting, brewing or distilling, or would like to get started,  pop into our shop at Network Complex, Block A1, C/O Edison and Bell Crescent, Hennops Park, Centurion, or give us a call on 082 768 4905 or 087 654 8815.

My real intention of this article is to give you a better understanding of the monetisation side of home brewing and distilling.

The journey to  Making your own craft starts

with acquiring the correct licenses, this can be quite a complicated and lengthy process. But alas, luck is on your side. We have a team who specialises in license acquisitions waiting for your call. Once again, you can pop in or give us a call to start the process.

‘Together with our consultants and experts, we have more than 45 years of experience and have registered and renewed more than 2200 customers in the past and still counting.’

Once your application is successful, make sure of your recipes and products. Also, make sure you can produce enough product to keep up with demand.
Your recipe and final product need to stand out from the rest in some way. Something about your product needs to have your signature or uniqueness to be a success. If you are confident in your product, its time to get online.
Create a website, sort out your social media, get a logo and a label designed, sort out packaging and bottling material and you are on your way!

distilling equipment here

Speak to friends and family

about your brand to grow interest. For the first while, unfortunately, you will need to hand plenty of samples out so get people interested and leave them wanting more. This will grow into a few orders here and there and eventually into a steady supply of revenue.

Growth is important if you want to take the next step. Growth always starts with capital.
Upsize your equipment with help from KetelKraal, outline a sustainable marketing budget, and acquire a brand rep to start pushing your products into shops, at markets, and most importantly, pubs and bars. The restaurant industry is usually keen on well-marketed craft drinks.

Craft alcohol, whether its gin or beer or anything else you fancy, is the craze at the moment because I believe for the first time we are seeing that large industries don’t have the final say. We are taking back the control of the items we consume. Society as a whole seems to be in full support of this movement. We don’t have to settle for low quality, mass-produced goods.   Keep pushing. keep doing what you love.

Always remember that once you are apart of the KetelKraal family, we will always be here to guide you and help you get where you want to be.


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